Conditions of Membership

Borrowing Toys

The Tokomairiro Toy Library allows for five toys to be on loan per family at any one time. Loans are for a three week period and may be re-issued at the discretion of the librarian.


Reserving Toys

Members can log in here to our MiBase system, view toys which they have on loan, view the volunteer roster, view the online toy catalogue and reserve popular toys.


Volunteer Duty

The standard membership option includes a compulsory 1 hours “volunteer duty”. This can be either helping the librarian during open hours or helping with fundraising. If you have a special skill or contacts which may benefit us we would love to hear about it.


Your Responsibilities


Keep track of toy pieces

Check all pieces are present when you get home as well as on return. Each lost piece incurs a fine of $5 (refundable if found). If a toy is damaged or the missing piece is crucial in the use of the toy then the replacement cost will be at the discretion of the committee. We will take into account the toys age and condition.

Clean your toys

Please return your toys clean and dry. A fee of $2 will apply to each toy returned “dirty”.

Return your toys on time

Each toy is loaned for a three week period. If you are unable to return your toys on time please contact our toy librarian. A fee of $1 will be charged for each week a toy is late. Toys may be re-issued one time only via your membership login.


We do not supply batteries. It is suggested that you remove your batteries before returning your toys.